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Bands with "better" lyrics

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Bands with "better" lyrics

Post by Kindreddrumr on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:17 pm

Let me say this to start with...I haven't read all the lyrics from every band I'm about to mention. Feel free to correct me on a band mentioned if they have bad lyrics.

1. P.O.D. - I'm pretty sure they are a "christian" band, but they don't talk about their faith if they are.

2. Lifehouse - Good music. They claim to be "christians," but don't mention it in their bios.

3. Switchfoot - They don't mind talking about their faith and are gaining steam in the mainstream.

4. Evanescense - This band started out on a "christian" label, but now oppose to be called a "christian" band.

Hopefully this will present some options for bands to listen to with better lyrics than some of the more popular bands who put out filthy songs. Also, I put quotations around the word "christian" simply because that word is so different for everyone. I use it in this post in a general sense.

Now, reply to this post and give more suggestions.


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Re: Bands with "better" lyrics

Post by Cory on Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:11 am

The Beatles-Yes they had one song about a drug dealer. . .the song was an absolute failure. I can't think of any other songs with bad language or real sexual references (you can debate some songs, but it isn't like Lady Gaga).

The Eagles-All the songs on the Greatest Hits Album are fine. I don't know about everything else, but that's the only thing I know about their song lyrics.

The Who-Well, who are you if you don't listen to the who. Seriously, Pete never really wrote anything bad (to my knowledge, which of The Who is quite a lot). He wrote two rock operas without cuss words and if any, then very obscure sexual references. These kids are all right.


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